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Welcome to the Virtual Fields Method website !

This website is dedicated to the Virtual Fields Method. It aims at providing the visitors with the basics of the method, the main references, some training material and a dedicated software: CamFit. This website will be updated regularly. Do not hesitate to contact the members of the team if you have any questions or queries. Enjoy your visit!

What is the Virtual Fields Method?

The Virtual Fields Method (VFM) is a technique aimed at processing full-field kinematic measurements to extract parameters driving the mechanical behaviour of materials. It can also potentially address the identification of load distribution, although this has not been attempted yet.
The main idea underlying the VFM is that if full-field measurements are available, then it is possible to use the principle of virtual work to solve the inverse problem directly. In this case, integrals including the strain fields are involved in the equations. These integrals can be approximated with the full-field measurements.

A brief description of the main features is given in the theory section.