Association des Parents d'Elèves du Conservatoire de musique agréé et de danse de Châlons en Champagne

Training on the Virtual Fields Method

Aware that the Virtual Fields Method is a new method for which there are no courses or textbooks to get started from, the VFM group has devised some training material. This material is based on the experience gained from a number of short courses given over the years. First, a series of presentations introduce the subject. These files have been created from MS Powerpoint. They are in PPS format. If you do not have access to MS Powerpoint, they can be viewed using PowerPoint Viewer 2007. Then, case studies are available. Data files are provided for the trainee to programme the VFM and retrieve the corresponding properties. The case study is presentated in the PPS file.


Case study

Over the years, the VFM group has trained a number of researchers. Please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster or a member of the team for further information.